Opportunities for betting on football matches are so many and different that they help us to develop a wide range of long-term betting strategies to achieve the desired goal – winning from placing bets on football matches. In the next few lines, we will describe a really simple, but giving steady gains betting strategy.

We are talking about placing bets on draws in football matches. Why draws? Well, for several reasons. First, the draw is almost always valued with high odds by the bookies. With online bookmakers over 70 percent of the football matches have odds for the draw over 3. On the other hand, the draw of football matches seems to be easier to be predicted. Of course to bet on a surprise in the match also brings a higher odds, but it is not that easy to be catch. Apart from this, man’s own psychology makes the draw easier to happen. This is because the teams at the end of the matches strive to keep the result and to lose the point they already have earned it, rather to play for the win and the three points.

As we have already said, the strategy we are talking about here is extremely simple and can be summed up in one sentence – We are betting for draw on three matches each day. No more, no less. Since odds are often above 3, this mode of play gives us a chance to make a small profit and each time we have 2 winners, we will make up for the bad times we have none. This is how we win not from the high level of success rate, but from the odds which are above 3.

How do we choose the matches on which to bet? Of course, it’s extremely difficult to check matches daily again and again. It is difficult to analyze tens and hundreds of football matches each morning. Even if we manage to do it at the beginning, at one or another point, the fatigue of it will appear and make us more disrespectful and hastily. That’s why we prefer statistical methods and we use the services of the website for statistical previews of football matches – 24-bet.com.

What they are doing is to use the starting odds for a football match, then find matches with similar starting odds in their database with thousands of already played football matches. When they find a match with the same starting odds as those of the upcoming match, they analyze and retain the results. So, in just a few seconds, their analyzing program returns that for example, 600 matches have already been played with the same starting odds, of which 43 percent of matches have been won by the hosts, 23 ended with a draw and the rest have ended with a win for the guests.

24-bet.com also offer daily statistics for the matches with the highest percentage of probability for home win, draw and away win. We are using exactly this statistic just by taking the first three games with the highest chance of ending without a winner and betting with the strategy we described above.

This is – simple, easy and mostly – effective.

West Ham will travel to Manchester to play against City in the most exciting match in the last round of the Premier League. If Manchester City take the victory on Saturday, they would become champions of England and it would happen on their stadium.

Before the start of this season, no one imagined that one of the two great teams in this football city would celebrate with the title, but the other one (United) would not even have a chance to qualify for the Europe matches next year.

Manchester City made a very interesting campaign showing that the strength of the team is in the balance between the attack and defense. This season, they have one of the strongest defenses in England, with only 37 goals allowed. A number which would hardly be changed after the match against West Ham. Only Chelsea has a stronger defense than City with just 26 goals allowed.

It is also important to note that Manchester City has a very strong attack too. Their strikers have scored 100 goals so far with Liverpool just behind them with 99 goals scored. Most goals through the campaign scored Yaya Toure, who has 20 on his account, with 17 is Sergio Aguero and Edin D┼żeko with 16 goals. The players with the most assists in this campaign are David Silva with 9 and Yaya Toure with 8.

In 13 of Manchester City’s last 16 home games, matches ended with more than 2.5 goals scored by both teams. Also City have scored at least two goals in 16 of their last 19 home games. The citizens are also in a very strong home series. They have won 16 of their last 18 matches in the Premier League. Manchester City have also won their last five home games against West Ham in all races.

For bet365, bet-at-home, sa gaming and Sportingbet there is no doubt that City will win the match. The odds for their victory range around 1.15.

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This match wouldn’t have any matters for the final standings in the English Premier League because it is already decided that Fulham is out of the Premier League. They made a very disappointing season in which they started well, but then got a series of very bad results. In the middle of the season Fulham changed the manager with hope that the things would improve, but unfortunately for their fans nothing changed and in the next season they will play in Championship.

One of the main players of the club, Dimitar Berbatov, moved to Monaco. He was considered to be the leader of the team and the man who would lead Fulham to better times, but it didn’t happen. He came to Craven Cottage when Martin Jol was the manager and all of us expected Fulham to be very solid team. Unfortunately, only after the first 10 games they showed the lack of class which led to the relegation.

With Felix Magat’s arrival as a new manager, the hopes were renewed, but even he could not raise the team and now they are at the bottom of the standings. According to the experts, the lack of quality in defense is the main cause for the bad results. They have allowed at least two goals in their last three appearances in the Premier League and overall 83 goals during the season. This is the weakest defense in the league and lots of changes should be made in the defense after the end of the season.

An interesting fact is that more than 2.5 goals are scored in every of last 8 Fulham’s home games. Also interesting for the outcome of this game is that Fulham won five of the last six matches against Crystal Palace in all tournaments they’ve met. This may be the reason why most bookies, including bet365, Sportingbet and Bet-at-home, give the host team a small advantage.

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Crystal Palace also had a period at the bottom of the standings. However, they have made a series of good results and can now safely play this game without being threatened by a relegation. Crystal Palace are in a series of good results as a guest, winning their last three matches. We are pretty sure that Palace’s style of play will cause many problems for Fulham’s defenders and this is why I think it is quite likely the match to end up with a win for Palace against one of the weakest teams in the English Premier League.

At a match without any significance for the Premier League final standings, Norwich would play against Arsenal at home. The places where both teams are going to finish are already decided in the overall ranking in the championship. After this round there would very small changes to be made, but neither Arsenal nor Norwich can change their position.

Arsenal is going to finish this Premier League season in the fourth place. That was actually their goal before the season as with their top four rankings, the gunners will be able to take part in the next edition of the Champions League. However, what is more important for them is that they will take part in the final for the FA Cup. If they can get this cup, this season could be described as a strong one for Arsene Wenger’s team. After New Year he had to deal with many injured players, which led to a drop in the shape of the team. At one point, there was even a danger of failing to qualify for the top 4, which finally didn’t happen.

Here’s the list of all the injured players who will miss the match for Arsenal: Vassiriki Abou Diaby, Serge Gnabry, Ryo Miyaichi, Kieran Gibbs, Theo Walcott, Jack Wilshere, and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain. It is very difficult to guess what would have happened if all of them were able to help the team throughout the season. Aaron Ramsey, who is another player who most likely would miss the match, but he still has some chances to participate.

Arsenal is in a series of good results and won its last four matches in the Premier League. It is indicative for the good form of Arsenal that they were leading at half time in their last three league matches. Their defense also worked well as they did not concede a goal in their last three matches in the English Championship.

It is decided for Norwich that they are going to play in Championship next season. They tried to change the series of bad results during the season with a manager change, but unfortunately for their fans, it did not bring any positive results. It is indicative that Norwich’s players failed to score a goal in five of their last six games in the Premier League.

Bet365, bet-at-home and Sportingbet give an advantage for Arsenal, with odds for winning around 1.80 to 1.90. This is certainly a pretty good offer for an average bet and it is our advice for this match.