Opportunities for betting on football matches are so many and different that they help us to develop a wide range of long-term betting strategies to achieve the desired goal – winning from placing bets on football matches. In the next few lines, we will describe a really simple, but giving steady gains betting strategy.

We are talking about placing bets on draws in football matches. Why draws? Well, for several reasons. First, the draw is almost always valued with high odds by the bookies. With online bookmakers over 70 percent of the football matches have odds for the draw over 3. On the other hand, the draw of football matches seems to be easier to be predicted. Of course to bet on a surprise in the match also brings a higher odds, but it is not that easy to be catch. Apart from this, man’s own psychology makes the draw easier to happen. This is because the teams at the end of the matches strive to keep the result and to lose the point they already have earned it, rather to play for the win and the three points.

As we have already said, the strategy we are talking about here is extremely simple and can be summed up in one sentence – We are betting for draw on three matches each day. No more, no less. Since odds are often above 3, this mode of play gives us a chance to make a small profit and each time we have 2 winners, we will make up for the bad times we have none. This is how we win not from the high level of success rate, but from the odds which are above 3.

How do we choose the matches on which to bet? Of course, it’s extremely difficult to check matches daily again and again. It is difficult to analyze tens and hundreds of football matches each morning. Even if we manage to do it at the beginning, at one or another point, the fatigue of it will appear and make us more disrespectful and hastily. That’s why we prefer statistical methods and we use the services of the website for statistical previews of football matches – 24-bet.com.

What they are doing is to use the starting odds for a football match, then find matches with similar starting odds in their database with thousands of already played football matches. When they find a match with the same starting odds as those of the upcoming match, they analyze and retain the results. So, in just a few seconds, their analyzing program returns that for example, 600 matches have already been played with the same starting odds, of which 43 percent of matches have been won by the hosts, 23 ended with a draw and the rest have ended with a win for the guests.

24-bet.com also offer daily statistics for the matches with the highest percentage of probability for home win, draw and away win. We are using exactly this statistic just by taking the first three games with the highest chance of ending without a winner and betting with the strategy we described above.

This is – simple, easy and mostly – effective.